Frequently Asked Questions

For Adults Learning Spanish….

Becoming fluent in a language takes years of practice, dedication, and daily immersion in the language. How quickly you learn a language depends largely on the work you do outside of class to excel. You can expect to start to have basic exchanges in Spanish after 3 sessions of classes with us, and you can expect to be conversational after 6-7 sessions.
Learning Spanish in Spanish is the only tried and true way to learn to THINK in that language. Will you have moments of frustration? Yes. Will you sometimes feel like you’re the only one not “getting it” in class? Yes. Don’t let this deter you from learning! You will have moments when you feel lost, but you will also have moments when things “click” for you, and you will feel very proud and excited! Luckily, our classes are fun and small, so you have a support network to help you when you feel overwhelmed.
If you’ve never taken Spanish before or you’ve just had an introductory class (maybe in high school), then it’s best to start with Beginner I. If you’ve had a little more exposure, it’s best to take our online placement test to see where best to begin.
The best way to register is online. If you prefer to register in person using a check or cash, please call us at 216.316.4049 to set up an appointment to come in. We have limited office hours since we are often teaching off site! Remember, registration is first come, first served, so to guarantee your spot in a class, be sure to register early.
There is a common misconception that there are different “dialects” of Spanish, which is not true. There are different accents and vocabulary depending on the country or region, just like English. There are also some countries that use more formal verb conjugations, while others use more informal verb forms. We teach an international Spanish, and you can adopt the accent, vocabulary, and verb form that works for your personal situation. We also have teachers from around the globe so that you get exposure to different accents and vocabulary.
Textbooks can be purchased on the first day of class for $45. Textbooks last approximately 3 sessions, and we will buy them back from you for $15 if you don’t write in them. Please contact us if you’d like to buy the textbook in advance or want us to reserve a used textbook for you for $30 (if we have any available). You may also purchase the textbook yourself, but you’ll want to first check with us to make sure you purchase the right level and version. Remember, our textbooks are all in Spanish!
Our sessions run for 9 weeks and meet for 2 hours one day per week. If you need to miss a class, you are welcome to attend a make up on a different day, as long as we have a similar level being offered. Also, your teacher will provide you with weekly homework to practice and would be glad to meet you a few minutes before the next class to help you catch up!
We ask that each of our students make a commitment to completing each session. Our classes are very small, affordable, and interactive, and for that reason we DO NOT provide refunds. Even if you decide not to finish out the session, our wonderful, dedicated teachers are committed to teaching the full session, and so refunds are not given once the classes start. If you register for a class and find that you need to cancel, you may do so up to 24 hours before the class begins. You will be refunded all but a $50 registration fee.
Private classes can be structured around your needs, If you want to focus on specific terminology or conversational situations for your job, you let us know, and we’ll structure the class accordingly. Private classes are minimum 1 hour per session, but you can meet for longer each time, and you can meet as often as you’d like per week. The more frequently you practice the better you’ll become! We suggest using the same textbook that is used for small group classes, but in some cases, we may recommend an alternative textbook that more closely matches your needs. And remember, our private classes can be shared with a friend for the same price!
Yes! Our adult group classes work for ages 15 and up, although we’ve had a handful of mature 13 and 14-year-olds who have also enjoyed our classes and learned a lot. Your teenager should be comfortable interacting with adults because the classes are very interactive. If your teenager needs a boost with high school Spanish, wants to obtain high school flex credits, or wants to become more conversational in preparation for study abroad, this is the way to go.

For Children Learning Spanish….

Introducing Spanish to children develops Spanish speaking and listening comprehension skills that will aid in future language learning. Children’s minds are more easily adaptable to new sounds, methods of logic, and pronunciation. Learning Spanish enhances intellectual flexibility, problem solving skills, creativity, and standardized test scores, and helps prepare your child for a multi-cultural world.
Our focus is on teaching kids to understand spoken Spanish and giving them confidence to speak short phrases. This is complemented with written material so that kids can also relate the sounds they are hearing to written characters and grammar. Our activities are fun for kids, helping them to naturally acquire the language. Anyone can learn the grammar of a second language through books and study, but the ability to form thoughts in one’s mind and speak them out loud is the key to communicating.
We teach vocabulary, basics (alphabet, numbers, colors, etc.), and verb phrases through themes, such as going shopping or to the zoo. You will notice that kids review material each year, and that’s a good thing. When learning a language, kids need to learn a concept 3-5 times before they can store it in their brains. Rest assured we are building on grammar each year. For example, kids might learn numbers and colors one year, and then review the next year while also learning to explain out loud how many red shirts they wear each week. We build on the basics to get kids to build sentences.
We make starting a Spanish enrichment program at your child’s school easy. We take care of the marketing, registration, payment, and parent communication. We provide the school with a copy of our insurance policy and teacher background checks and fill out any space usage form required by the school. We just ask that the school/PTA allow us to send home a couple of flyers to get the word out and provide us with classroom space to hold the classes. That’s it! This is a tremendous benefit for schools to offer without adding any stress to the school administration.
Unless you are raising a bilingual child, learning a second language can take time, and mostly depends on the frequency with which your child is practicing. Taking Spanish one day per week for 20-26 weeks will greatly aid in learning Spanish, but will not result in immediate fluency. Fluency takes consistent immersion in the language. But learning Spanish in a fun, relaxed setting at a young age allows kids to start thinking in Spanish. This is the key to lifelong language learning.
It is extremely difficult to change the language two people have spoken to each other since birth. Ask any bilingual family, and they will confirm that their child will speak to one parent in Spanish and the other in English but never switch. For this reason, your child may not speak to you in Spanish. If you are curious to know how well your child is speaking during class, just ask us!
We use a custom curriculum with material that is a guide to help structure learning, but our more impactful offering is the focus on spoken Spanish. Kids complete crafts, sing songs, and play games. Children may also receive weekly material or a workbook. It is important that children keep this material/workbook handy and share with parents on a weekly basis.